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Latest Email from Food Network


I’ve shared your video with the show’s producers & they enjoyed your submission. We are still in the planning stages of the season but would like you to give you a heads-up about potentially appearing on season 7. This is not a confirmation that you will appear but it should be great news to hear you’re moving onto the next round of the selection process. As decisions are made, someone will be in contact with a confirmation & specifics for filming this Summer.

We look forward to being in contact………”

Isn’t that just sooooo exciting??? I called my best foodie friend Sheryl right away and then ran over to my husband’s office to read him the email!!

Then texted everyone and Facebooked it, of course!! Is it proper to tell strangers in the grocery store about this? I struggled its that question this morning while buying milk and juice.

So, another hurdle accomplished!!

Dreaming of cupcakes……


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Raspberry Rosewater Cupcake

So, several months ago I visited my favorite cooking store and was happy to find Rosewater there. I immediately put it in my cart, brought it home and it sat on my shelf for the next several months.

So, again, the teachers were my guinea pigs and my BFF and I decided to try a cupcake recipe that incorporated the Rosewater without it being overpowering.

We went with a white cake cupcake with the Rosewater and fresh raspberries folded in. As they baked, they smelled very flowery. I was a little nervous.

After I pulled them out, cooled them and frosted them with a lovely cream cheese frosting, I popped a mini one in my mouth. Heaven……lovely balance of floral and fruit, not overpowering and the cream cheese frosting just made everything come together so well.


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Happy Mango Monday!!

I saw a recipe online for a mango cupcake that I really wanted to try. Since Teacher Appreciation Week was coming up, I decided to let them be my guinea pigs!

I did a light, fresh mango batter that had mango juice in it, a piece of fresh mango at the bottom of each cupcake, filled with a mango butter and a mango buttercream. They were so mango-y, fresh, delightful….. I want one now!!