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Anniversary Cake and Matching Cupcake

I was hired to make a 25th anniversary cake. Since the 25th anniversary is technically the silver anniversary, she asked for a very silvery cake. Marble was the choice for flavor to please people who liked one or the other. I filled it with chocolate frosting and frosted it in my famous vanilla buttercream.

I used silver ribbon to go around the bottom and then piped pearls around it. For the top, I sprayed it with silver food spray, added the words, swirls and pearls. For the finishing, over the top silvery effect, a little edible disco dust went on the swirls.

She also wanted a jumbo cupcake to match so the couple that was celebrating could have one to cut and feed each other just like their wedding. Cute!

I had a very happy customer who picked up the cake that day! She said she was very glad she hired me to do the cake.




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Key Lime Cupcakes

So, another popular flavor is key lime. People love the sweet and tart combo of these! I love to frost them with a light cream cheese frosting with hint of lime. Favorite part? The green sugar I sprinkle on top…..


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Red Velvet

So, enlighten me. What is the deal with Red Velvet? People love it! Is it the cream cheese frosting? Is it the kinda chocolately cake? Is it nostalgia? Or the inordinate amount of red food coloring? I’m confused. I’ve never been a big fan of it myself, but find many of my customers ordering it!

I’m glad I have a recipe they love and will continue making a lovely, kinda chocolatey, red cake with a super yummy cream cheese frosting. 🙂


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Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a very traditional and yummy flavor. My husband said he married me for my carrot cake! :). I use a traditional mix of flour, spices, oil and lots of carrots! I also used crushed pineapple, coconut and if you want, walnuts and raisins. It’s easy to add or take away any of these ingredients except the carrots and pineapple!

I’ve had customers comment that’s they don’t usually like coconut, but like it in my cake. They are fun to make Into cupcakes as well. I always frost with a delicious cream cheese frosting that isn’t too sweet and definitely cream-cheesy!

Eat more carrots. Improve your vision! 🙂