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Gender Reveal Cakes

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I love to offer new things in my business. One of the newest items now available is gender reveal cakes or cupcakes!

If you’d like to announce the gender of your newest arrival to a crowd at a baby shower or just for your family, consider ordering these from me.

I will bake cake or cupcakes in a vanilla, yellow, blueberry or strawberry cake flavor and then color it to match the gender of your baby! It will be covered in white vanilla buttercream so no one will know until they cut into the cake or bite into that cupcake!





Author: bakethemhappy

I bake at home to make people happy! Contact me for quotes on cupcakes, muffins, scones, cakes, etc. You name it and I'll make it. I'd love to customize a product just for your special event or if you'd like to make an event even more special.

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