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Crepe Cake

For my open house, I wanted to try a few new recipes. I had been seeing crepe cakes on Pinterest and wAnted to try one. I borrowed a crepe pan from a friend and got to work. I had never made crepes before and was surprised how easy they were to make! (Although time consuming!)

I assembled the cake and did all but the chocolate sauce. When it came time for the open house, however, there was no room for it! So i wrapped it in saran wrap, popped it in a ziploc and put it in the freezer. Much to my delight, it held up perfectly! We served it last week when we had company.

It was rich, decadent and had my company coming back for more! Heres the recipe I used. If you do a Google search for crepe cake, you will find a lot of variations! Fun!



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Yellow Cake with Strawberry Rhubarb Filling

When someone wants a yellow cake, I almost always ask them if they’d like to add a strawberry rhubarb filling. It pairs so well with a simple yellow cake and really elevates it! I use a homemade rhubarb strawberry filling. Its so good! We eat it a lot in our home!

Thats what this one is. Then I simply decorated it with a vanilla buttercream in a ruffle pattern on the sides and the classic rose technique on top. Simple. Beautiful.


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French Apple Tart

I was asked to bring a dessert for an event and decided to try a new recipe. It was actually one that my brother recommended and a very traditional French one. It was a French Apple Tart or Tarte de Pommes a la Normande.

It starts with a basic pastry crust pressed into a tart pan (or pie plate if your tart pan is still packed). Then comes the frangipan which is butter, sugar eggs, apple brandy and a little flour with ground almonds. Then on top are precisely placed apple slices. This is baked and then apricot jelly is warmed and brushed on top for a lovely shine.

Mmmm, I cant wait for fall and apple season so I can make this again!



Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

So I like to dabble a bit in candy making as well….I know! I know! It usually doesn’t have flour AND sugar, but it does have sugar!!

Ive been wanting to try making peanut butter cups and finally did. Boy was I glad! (My husbdand was too!)

I used a dark chocolate and melted it. Then it went in mini muffin liners in my mini muffin pan and into the freezer. Then came the peanut butter mixture; peanut butter and powdered sugar. This went on top of the now hardened chocolate and then another layer of chocolate and into the freezer they went!

These have nothing on Reeses……


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Hills Market

I had a tasting at Hills Market today! It went well! I enjoyed interacting with the bakery manager there and he enjoyed the baked goods I brought! He has an order in for Thursday for cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting and six loaves of gluten-free pound cake! Im so excited to sell retail and see where this opportunity takes me! Check out Hills Market online.

Here’s what I took!