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Happy Birthday!

Well, it’s my birthday! I wonder what kind of cake I will make for myself this year???










Soooooo many choices! 🙂


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Pricing Updates

Just wanted to let you know that I changed up pricing just a bit. Because everyone’s events and preferences are so different, may include delivery, may include a special message, I’ve taken all but base prices off of my website.

All cakes will start at $25. Cupcakes start at $15. Other things will be based on serving size, event needs, custom decorations, etc. I think you get the picture!

Always feel free to contact me to begin a pricing for your special event! I look forward to continuing to serve you!

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Tiramisu Cake

I was collaborating with a wedding client. She had mentioned how much she loved tiramisu and wondered if a tier of the wedding cake could be that flavor. So it sent me on a hunt! I found a lovely recipe on Smitten Kitchen for a Tiramisu Cake.

I had a meeting with our worship team from church and volunteered to bring dessert. I know. Aren’t you shocked??? I put the cake together which was surprisingly quick and easy. It was a hit and I think I actually prefer it to actually tiramisu.

It was a two layer vanilla cake soaked with coffee syrup, mascarpone and cream filling and frosting, chopped chocolate in between the layers. We all enjoyed it!


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Sugar-free scones (almost….)

One of my family’s favorite Saturday treat is scones. I usually make them for breakfast. But we are really moving away from sugar! I know how crazy and ironic that sounds, but I know it’s better for us! I have been dabbling in baking with stevia and this was a success.

I used my normal vanilla bean scone recipe and just subbed in some stevia baking blend. Of course, there still was some sugar because of course we had to have a powdered sugar glaze on top. Thats why they were {almost} sugar free.


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Mini Tarts

As you can see, I’ve been on a tart kick! This time, it was an order from Hills Market. They asked me to make 400 mini tarts for a catering event they did. I gulped and happily accepted the challenge!

It took me 2 whole days, but they turned out great. They asked for chocolate, lemon with raspberry coulis and pistachio. Here are a few pictures of the process!




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Lemon Raspberry Tart

Another tart I made was a lemon raspberry tart. This was by far a favorite of my husbands! He ate them for breakfast and looked forward to them as a late night snack.

This particular recipe had a sugar cookie type crust that was baked first. Then an almond frangipane was baked in. Finally, a homemade lemon curd was put on top with fresh raspberries. The raspberries were at the peak of their season! Big and juicy!