Bake Them Happy

Custom Baked Goods….All To Make You Happy

About Me

20121122-172624.jpgHi! My name is Selena and I’m the owner and baker of Bake Them Happy. I love to bake and have a business out of my home. I would love to bake for you, your family, an event of yours or to make an everyday event something special.

I bake cupcakes, cakes, scones, muffins, tarts, donuts, really just about anything. I love to try new flavors and combinations so I’m always expanding my repertoire. Please get in touch with me so we can discuss dates, flavors and quotes!

I am easy to work with, happy to please and my baked goods taste wonderful! Please contact me for references.

We do not have pets in our home, nor do we smoke.

Some history:

I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking. My great-grandma owned and ran a cafe in Gothenburg, Nebraska called Ollie’s Cafe. My grandpa helped her out there. When he joined the army, they put him to work baking. When he was able to come home, he put his skills to work! he ended up owning and operating 3 different bakeries in Colorado and Nebraska. He was his hometown’s college bread supplier. So, I always say, baking is in my genes!

While in college, a trailer full of boys found out I loved to cook so I got invited over quite a bit to cook dinner for them. That’s when I got to know my future husband, usually over a cup of coffee.

After we got married, I had a few dinner flops. He could tell you about them! But my love to try new recipes, persevere in the kitchen, learn new techniques and entertain helped me get in a real niche with my recipes and become quite commanding in front of the stove or oven.

The responsibility of taking care of our children and providing good, nutritious food for them also kept me in the kitchen, preparing everything fresh and from scratch.

Because of this, a friend asked me to provide the cake and cupcakes for her wedding. When I was asked at the wedding how long I’d been doing this, hearing that these are the best cupcakes ever and realizing how much I enjoyed doing that for her, Bake Them Happy was born.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed continual great feedback, referrals and generally making people happy with my baked goods!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Our PTO recently treated the staff to your cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Week. They were fantastic!
    Later this month we are celebrating the retirement of one of our teachers. I wondered if you could help us out? We need about 50 cupcakes. We can keep it simple -maybe 2 flavors? Could you please send me a quote?

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