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Pumpkin Cupcakes

Yes, these are very popular right now! Makes me smile everytime someone orders them. It’s pumpkin everything time!



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Strawberry Cupcakes

An order for a dozen of these came and I knew I needed to tweak them from the last time I made them. Last time, they were too much like muffins! I needed a light, delightful cupcake. Muffins are for breakfast, not dessert! So this time I took my vanilla cupcake recipe and instead of flavoring it with vanilla, I used strawberry extract. I also added strawberry extract to the buttercream frosting and a few tiny diced strawberries. Although the strawberries added some extra moisture I didn’t plan on, it was still delicious!


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Birthday Cake!

So, I have a hard time deciding what dessert to make when I get to choose! I asked my 10 year old to decide for me. He was happy to! He paged through my favorite chocolate dessert book and picked Frozen Chocolate Mousse Bombe. It has a dark chocolate truffle cake bottom, chocolate mousse and is finished with a chocolate ganache on top. Oh mama! This was so good, so rich, so divine. I was very happy my son picked it! (Truth came out later. He said he wanted it for his birthday cake last year and I said no! Made me laugh.)


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Pricing Updates

Just wanted to let you know that I changed up pricing just a bit. Because everyone’s events and preferences are so different, may include delivery, may include a special message, I’ve taken all but base prices off of my website.

All cakes will start at $25. Cupcakes start at $15. Other things will be based on serving size, event needs, custom decorations, etc. I think you get the picture!

Always feel free to contact me to begin a pricing for your special event! I look forward to continuing to serve you!